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Stay In Your Home With A Reverse Mortgage

Using a Reverse Mortgage to “Age in Place”

Did you know that 70% of retirees at some time later in their life will need long term care? I am currently seeing a trend in Orange County for older retirees who want to “age in place” (live in their current home) who now need 24-hour care. In home care can cost at least $6,000 per month.

A Reverse Mortgage Can be the Best Option

Stay In Your Home With A Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage can be a way to “age in place” – staying in your home instead of an assisted living facility.

In this trend, I also noticed they didn’t have long-term-care insurance in place so their only options are to either sell the property or do a reverse mortgage. In most cases, by doing so, the retiree will be able to stay in their home to pay for the long-term care. Because there are so many options for a reverse mortgage and what is best for the borrower, I make sure those options are well discussed, quite often in person.

And to be proactive for future retirees, it’s a good idea to get an analysis of how much a future line of credit growth could be available to them to make sure they have the option of staying in the home. A reverse mortgage line of credit is guaranteed a growth rate of 1.25% ABOVE the loan note rate! A reverse mortgage is another planning tool for you to be prepared for your retirement.

If you would like to learn more about your options through a reverse mortgage, contact me. I’d be happy to sit down and answer your questions. Visit for contact information.

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Michael Godfrey is a Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer based in Orange County, California. Michael has been helping people with reverse mortgages since 2001.